Hey there!, I'm-

Anurag Dhungana.

Enablement Engineer. A builder working to build things that create an impact.

I am currently working on building the next leap for personalized data at Anlyst.
Currently diving deep into the world of data .

⚡ About Me

Hi, I’m Anurag 👋 also known as Aarekaz. I'm a builder, tinker and developer working to build things that create an impact.

I love tinkering with already build products, studying them and brainstorming on how it can be improved. I am currently building Anlyst ,a platform dedicated to use your digital footprint to optimize your life. I work as a Enablement Engineer at CloudFactory. I also serve as the Operations Manager at flockfysh , a platform dedicated to change the landscape of datasets. I also worked on helping Ivy Wallet grow its community as its Product Manager.

I want to build and scale products that I believe would genuinely create an impact on how people use the techonologies and opportunities that we currently have.

When I am not doing random stuffs or tinkering with ideas, I love to cycle or read some books or binge watch a series. 🚴

Anurag Dhungana

My Stuffs.

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Here's some of the things that I have worked on.

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Ivy Wallet Landing Page


Imagine Ivy Wallet as a manual expense tracker that will replace the good old spreadsheet for managing your personal finance.

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My Movie List

ReactJSPythonKNN Algorithm

My Movie List is a movie recommendation system that recommends movies and tv shows to the user based on their watch history and personal preferences. It recommends movies and series based on collaborative filtering. It used KNN Algorithm for Clustering.

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Weather Site

APILocationPlain HTML

This is a Simple project that I did using Free Code Camp Weather API. Its a basic way to interact with a API.

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Fundamentally To-Do Lists are Broken

July 23 2023 2 min read

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