flockfysh : A leap for Data Collection

Anurag Dhungana / July 11, 2023

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Hey guys, fellow builder here! We at flockfysh are building an Dataset marketplace where you can upload, sell and request large-scale datasets. We have an extensive network of suppliers ready to provide datasets to fulfill your AI needs. We are backed by @SkyDeck_Cal and @ZFellows_

We are building our platform and planning to launch our MVP in about end of July - if anyone has some data that they think they can contribute towards an AI / ML dataset, please feel free to reach out.

The way our platform works is that people can also "order" datasets for a price bounty, and you can earn a bit of a bonus by contributing to the data. We've set it up so users only pay for the dataset if it is what you requested and we stand by our commitment to the data quality.


If anyone here is looking to get data to finetune their LLM models, stable diffusion, financial models, or healthcare-related stuff (anonymized), or wants to earn quick cash by supplying data, please feel free to dm me. I would love to talk more and help!

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